Assembly and Disassembly of Warehouse Equipment

Large logistic centers and shops have a need for a reliable implementation of storage systems and technologies.


Reliable mounting warehouse shelves, racks and systems, guaranteeing smooth work process, speeds up logistical lines and distribution channels. Storage systems and technologies provide secure data storage, easily accessible lists, facilitated and accelerated manipulation.

All warehouse equipment can be adapted to client, without disturbing the space and flow of movement of goods storage.


Activities of the company NET.EX:


  • Installation of warehouse shelves
  • Installation of pallet racks
  • Mounting rack
  • Installation of the cantilever racks
  • Installation commission shelf
  • Installation of gravity racks
  • Installation of conveyor belts
  • Installation of mobile racks
  • Installation few-floor systems
  • Installation of light warehouse shelves

Skladišne police

Our activities provide to our customers guarantees and speed of execution for assembly activities. In addition to the existing guaranties reputable manufacturers warehouse shelves, warehouse shelves, pallet racks, multi-storey systems, cantilever racks, you can be sure that your work space equipped and safe.

Magacinske stalaže


In addition to the installation of warehouse equipment, main activity is the dismantling of warehouse equipment.

In a short period of time, freeing storage space, dismantle warehouse racks, shelves, shelves … Distribution warehouse equipment that we provide dismantled by customer request.


Dismantling of warehouse equipment, in many cases requires to carry out a warehouse moving elements to other locations and their reassembly. Moving warehouse shelf equipment, the preparation of warehouse premises for the new setting Net.Ex can provide as soon as possible.