Creating Dedicated Elements for Warehouses and Shops

Namenski magacinski elementi
Equipment storage, equipment for supermarkets, shelves for archives and warehouses can be customized to clients’ needs.
Dedicated elements for warehouses allow rational use of shelves and racks, protect stored products during handling and during storage.
Storage areas should be organized and regulated without interrupting flow of goods and employees.


Creating mobile warehouses elements creates a precondition for the elimination of delays in logistic manipulation, provides the goods from damage, increases the level of automation of the warehouse.

Namenski magacinski elementi
Warehouse equipment, if necessary, can be adapted to the space and warehouses, easily spanning multi-storey warehouses and physical barriers that regular manipulation can not be pass.
One of the primary activity of comapny NET.EX is the creation of dedicated elements for the warehouse, at the customer wish or to the set and the project plan.