Production of shopping shelves and equipment for shops

Checkouts installation

Checkouts with conveyor belts, safety barriers, detectors uncheked goods are the most important elements for quick and safe operation, goods issue, proper records.
In addition to the installation of checkouts, we also mounting equipment for checkouts, as well as service and maintenance.
Trgovačke police i trgovačke gondole

Production of shopping shelves

Small and large commercial facilities have need of customized solutions exposure and setting the goods.

Production of commercial shelf can include the production according to the required dimensions, as well as modifications to each shelf, if necessary.

Shape, position and dimensions of the shelf determines the area in which the goods are exposed, and the necessary adjustments.

Montaža izložbenih polica

Production of shopping gondolas

Adjusting equipment for exhibiting in trade facilities, is not only conditioned space. Large shopping centers near the spacious facilities pay special attention to compact stacking and positioning of goods.
As every commodity has its specificity, dimensions, sensitivity, weight and value, so it is advisable to shoping gondolas is easily adjustable aforementioned goods.
Production of shopping gondolas enables the production of elements for assembling that are uniform in most of the shelves and which positions can easily adapt to the given conditions, without special tools.

Trgovačke gondole (2)

Production of neutral shelves

Production of neutral showcase specific purpose in the company NETEX is done using the prescribed material by all legal standards.

Gondole (2)